It all started when in 2009, a kid made a tandem jump and decided that he wanted to fly on his own. Soon after completing his AFF course, an idea was born that did not take place until three years later when in his 47th jump he received an impact in the air in which he had a Cypress fire that saved his life. 

It is then when that boy named Carlos Avilés begins to unravel the reasons and the variables that led him to that event, realizing that life is short and that what he really wanted to do above all things was to fly, help others learn from his experience and contribute to the community in order to make our sport safer.

This accident completely changed his way of seeing life and led him to leave his stable job at the bread factory and start living the life of his dreams. Since then, he has not stopped training and growing in the sport, while adding hundreds of experiences that have given him the necessary keys that lead to the birth of the Up Side Down flight community.


Truth is, that in the "skydiving life" once you finish your AFF course, there are very few options and opportunities to continue developing yourself in the sport effectively and safely; this is one of the reasons why USD has come to stay. Thanks to all this history and the drive of Carlos Aviles, the desire to continue growing, and his passion to teach anyone who wants to improve in any type of discipline, him and the rest of the team behind USD, can proudly say that we are the first community of fliers covering all disciplines and levels where you can improve your skills in the most complete, effective, professional and continuous way.

We have the best and most complete team and without a doubt we can advise and guide you in everything you need to know in order to grow in this exciting sport that changes so many lives and to which we will be eternally grateful.


Our philosophy is FAMILY, SAFETY AND QUALITY. From there we have created this community in which we all have a place, adding and sharing experiences among all. A brotherhood where you can solve all your doubts and feel part of the largest community of flyers, with events where you will have the best and most complete training with maximum security.

In this ambitious project we have the best and most complete team of professionals covering all disciplines that can be carried out in the air, both indoor and outdoor. Regardless of your level, evolution and learning in a tangible way is guaranteed thanks to the method Up Side Down.

You can always jump one to one with any of our coaches, but without a doubt our strong point is the events, which being multilevel, guarantee that we nurture each other even more by being in groups with people of a similar level to yours, making your training much more effective with each jump. 

All members have their own profile where you can fill in your information as a flyer thanks to our ECL (Evolution Control Line) that will grow event after event. We want you to be aware of all aspects of each jump with us and that you are able to take this learning as part of you wherever you jump. This way you will have a 360º vision of the evolution of your skills, while you learn in the most fun and safe environment.


And now you will ask yourself, why? The answer is very simple, why not? There is strength in numbers and what better way to continue to evolve and make the sport grow all together.